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I am offering job in Dubai

Thu, 01-Jan-1970

GCC -206  Post your resume for Jobsinmea  Dubai  Mon, 26-Feb-2018

Posting Id: GCC - 206
Posting Date: Mon, 26-Feb-2018
From: thajudeen.s@icloud.com
Posting Category: I am offering job
Price:   (AED)
Posting Region: Dubai  ()
Description: You can post jobs in Jobsinmea.com Register yourself in www.jobsinmea.com


GCC -133  aluminium works  Dubai  Tue, 31-Oct-2017

Posting Id: GCC - 133
Posting Date: Tue, 31-Oct-2017
From: cmm@cmmdubai.com
Posting Category: I am offering job
Price: 1300  (AED)
Posting Region: Dubai  (abudhabi)
Contact: 0529097171
Description: - To make survey of openings/surfaces for installing aluminium works like cladding & curtain wall. - Along with one helper per day (9 hours exclude break) should completely install minimum 25 M² of aluminium cladding or curtain wall works with complete finishing. - Material handling shifting to location like fabricated cladding panels, fabricated curtain wall and glass units. - Responsible for the material and tools. - Responsible to maintain safety regulations at site. - Responsible to us


GCC -72  Excel sheet data entry job  Dubai  Wed, 27-Sep-2017

Posting Id: GCC - 72
Posting Date: Wed, 27-Sep-2017
From: homebasework.email@gmail.com
Posting Category: I am offering job
Price: 3750  (AED)
Posting Region: Dubai  (saudi arabia, UK, USA, india, pakistan)
Description: We have about again 3000 records for creating directory and need to be entered into an excel sheet for print. The fields in the spreadsheet are: Person Name / Telephone Number Address (City, Post Code) / E-mail We will provide you a format and you have to enter the data in to that format. And we will give you $1000 for enter these 3000 data in excel sheet. Please contact us as soon as if you are interested. Go here for more detail about jobs: http://www.homebasework.net Or send us an email


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